Pre-engraved Acrylic Plate “Seizure Disorder” Elite Medical Alert Identification Bracelet – PINK. Choose from Diabetes, Blood Thinner, Seizures, Asthma, Pacemaker, Allergy more…

By | November 15, 2017
Pre-engraved Acrylic Plate

In an emergency, should you become confused or unable to communicate, your medical alert bracelet provides the initial awareness to first responders that you have an existing medical condition. Emergency medical personnel are trained to look for identifying information signaled by the embossed “Star of Life†found on this product. Upon identifying your condition, the responder can more quickly and accurately diagnose and treat you. Each order includes a FREE Emergency Medical Card with its highly identifiable medical alert Tyvek® carrying sleeve. The Emergency Medical Card allows you to carry far greater details of your medical information including all of your medications, allergies, medical conditions, emergency contacts, personal bio, and more. Contact us for unlimited card replacements.

  • Made from hypo-allergenic silicone and stainless steel. Waterproof!
  • Pre-engraved medical condition in high contrast black lettering for easy visibility and long lasting durability
  • Bracelet is designed with stainless clasp and can be cut to fit sizes between 6″ to 9.0″.
  • Includes your Emergency Medical Card with highly identifiable and durable Tyvek medical alert sleeve
  • Debossed wristband instructions “Check Underside for Medical Informationâ€